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Unicorn cake: legend and popularity in children

Unicorn cake
Unicorn cake

famous birthday party cake is Unicorn cake: legend and popularity

Unicorn cake: title and reputation in children. The most popular birthday party of all children is probably the unicorn cake. It is a classic example of a case with unusual shape and theme. With its fairytale design, the unicorn cake is a party favorite for many years.
Unicorns are one of the most recognized creatures in the world. They can be found in most fantasy stories.
How do the origins of the unicorn come into play? In Greek mythology, there was an archer, Hippodamia. He could shoot arrows from his eyes. According to legend, he was immortal and had a massive body.
When the Greeks made use of the Greek word "unity," which means eye, they started calling it a unicorn. In some cultures, the term is still used for small and mythical animals that can be found on earth.
The history of the Greek unicorn is embedded in history and is still strengthened through modern culture. Because of this, the unicorn cake is one of the most favorite birthday cakes available.
During the Renaissance, the magical creature known as the unicorn was always associated with the horse. As the word came into use, the race became more famous, and the horn became longer. Unicorns began to have multicolored dyes.
At the same time, the Romans had a similar legend. It is not known what caused this series of events. The two stories may be based on the same myth.
When the Germanic tribes invaded Europe, they brought the unicorn with them. A Roman fort was built nearby, and local humans began calling the unicorn horses, as it was something that distinguished themselves from the other animals they found.
Unicorn cake
Unicorn cake

When the Chinese presented their tea ceremony in Europe

When the Chinese performed their tea ceremony in Europe, they decorated it with the idea of ​​drinking the horn drink. It was a way to identify the glass and facilitate its measurement and preparation. As long as people had ears and noses, they knew they were drinking tea from the horn.
After the Christian Renaissance, there was a massive increase in the popularity of the unicorn, and the horn would finally take on the same meaning it had in the East. The unicorn is the most common ornament during these times.
While the unicorn cake is not a universal creation, it is a modern creation. It has always been in demand for a specific reason, and that reason has only been taken to greater heights by today's celebrations. There is a different theme behind the unicorn, which has made it one of the most attractive cakes.


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