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Change the thinking perspective from a different angle

Change the thinking perspective
Change the thinking perspective

Change the thinking perspective: Putting yourself in the position 

When many things cannot be put aside, looking at the problem from a different perspective is a realm. Change the thinking perspective. Putting yourself in the position of others is a psychological mechanism indispensable for understanding.

It objectively requires us to connect our inner world. Such as emotional experience and thinking mode, with each other, and experience and think about problems from the standpoint of each other, thereby laying a foundation for improving understanding. After doing so, it is not difficult to forgive someone.

Everything is multidimensional, learn to understand and tolerate

If you face anything, you can think from another angle. You continue to discover more profound and more exciting truths from small things about yourself.

There are two aspects of things. Thinking from another angle often has unexpected results. You see the same self in the mirror every day. But one day. If you change the perspective, you will find it in the mirror. It is different.

If you look at things from a different perspective, there will be better-updated answers to the questions. And if you look at life from another aspect, the experience will be more exciting.

Socrates, a great Greek philosopher, Change the thinking perspective

One day, Socrates, a great Greek philosopher, and his students went for a walk in the suburbs. As they passed through a lake, Socrates suddenly asked the students: "Who can tell you how many buckets of water are there in this lake?" The students mostly looked at each other and could not answer for a moment.

A student ran to Socrates and said: This question is too simple. It depends on what the barrel looks like. If the bucket is as big as the lake, there is only one bucket of water in the lake;

If the bucket is only one-half the size of the lake, there are two buckets of water in the lake; if the bucket is only one-third the size of the lake, there are three buckets of water in the lake; if ... "before he finishes, Su Grady said with satisfaction: "Your answer is entirely correct. "

This student is Plato

This student is Plato. The reason why other students can't answer is that they take the size of the lake as the starting point. And It is naturally challenging to calculate the answer. But Plato thinks from the perspective of the barrel. As a result, the problem was solved.

In life, people sometimes fall into the trap of thinking quickly. To get out of the trap, often, you just need to change your perspective.

The famous Russian realist painter Repin and one of his friends were walking in a yard, just as it had snowed on that day. The friend saw a small yellow stain on the roadside snow, which was left by the dog. Urine, the friend, covered the stain with snow.

Unexpectedly, Repin was angry when he found out, because, For a few days, he had always come here to admire this beautiful amber color.

Anything, any person, the angle is different. The result is different. I often hear people say that this person is considered a "good person," and that person is a "bad person." Maybe they see only one of them.

From another perspective and learn to find fun things

If you want to think comprehensively, you must learn to step out of the trap of thinking and be good at seeing others from different perspectives, including yourself. It's both a wisdom and a generation
Most of the time, we bind our own hands and feet, blind our eyes. And think from another angle, our world will be a beautiful clear sky.

In the past few years, Wei's unit has been in a slump, the business is unfavorable, the number of employees is limited, the business volume is limited, and the number of people naturally cannot be paid. Drink porridge.

Wei Guo also wanted to stay. However, after thinking about the country's policy orientation. Enterprise mechanism and it is difficult to change the status quo of the enterprise. In the end, it is inevitable for employees to find their way out. If they finally get laid off passively. It is better to take the initiative to suspend their pay to stay. And choose their route as soon as possible
Beginning your own business will require more energy. And thoughts than your colleagues in the unit.

Regardless of the opposition of relatives and friends, Wei Guo resolutely left the unit. And It started a small business on his own. After years of hard work, he accumulated a certain amount of business experience. And he also received material returns.

This year, due to the restructuring of the enterprise. All employees will have to buy out their working age and be laid off. Wei Guo chose because of his different perspectives. And can face all this more calmly.

Thinking from a different perspective bring a happy life

Thinking from a different perspective not only brings peace of mind. And a comfortable life in daily life but also sometimes inadvertently brings people a new world. The invention of many things in the world is the result of thinking from a different perspective.

It is said that in the beginning. When people wanted to clean the dust, they could only use the most primitive method-blowing. But the blowing method has many disadvantages. It can not only collect dust but also make it fly.

An Englishman who is good at reverse thinking invented the current harmful pressure filter vacuum cleaner. This kind of vacuum cleaner is also useless and saves effort. The person who created the pen sharpener also thinks in other places to keep the knife moving.

Wang Qun, who founded China's first research institute for challenging education, was obsessed with challenging culture to save his young and confused son. If the conventional method is adopted, neither Wang Qun nor his son will have remarkable achievements today.

But Wang Qun is a thinking person. He feels that since the existing methods of education do not work, he should open up new ideas to educate his son.

As a result, under his religious education. His son was admitted to the regular university one year earlier than his classmates. Wang Qun himself opened up a new field of education and published his educational theory, which is now very popular among students and parents. Welcome bestseller.

Empathy learn, and you will have more compassion to change the thinking perspective

If you think about the problem from a different angle. Bad things become good things because, from another perspective. The focuses on something you see will be different. The mentality generated by people will be different, which determines the formal attitude of life and world outlook.

The optimist sees half a glass of water and says, "There is still half a glass." The pessimist sees half a glass of water and says, "Hey, there is only half a glass left!" It's just that the angle is different, and the result is precisely the opposite, everyone should learn to change. Look at the problem and learn to find positive factors from the negative side so that you can be happy.

When you look at work from a different perspective, you can more readily accept various challenges when you get along with others. You can find more advantages of others when you change angles when you encounter setbacks. You can learn more by changing perspectives.

Change the thinking perspective from a different angle of life

From a different aspect of the experience, you can better understand and respect others. One philosopher said: "The sky contains every cloud. Regardless of its beauty and ugliness, so the sky is boundless. The mountains include every rock, no matter its size. So the hills are magnificent and magnificent. The sea contains every spray. Regardless of its turbidity. So the sea is boundless. 

There are individual differences between people. Each person's potentials, interests, and hobbies are different. If we look at others from multiple angles, we can better respect everything different from him and understand others.

Look at yourself from a different angle and appreciate yourself more. Everyone has flashpoints. You can find your flashpoints, and you can accept and understand yourself.

Appreciation is just like air and water. It's a necessary nutrient for their own growth. It is also an invisible catalyst that can enhance your self-esteem, self-reliance, self-confidence, and stimulate your maximum potential.

Change the thinking perspective

Different lives, different environments, different outlooks on life, different ways of thinking-different identities determine different thinking angles. Perhaps the thinking of two people will conflict. If you can put yourself in place to think for each other, the complaints or anger that flows into your heart will disappear.

As Hamlet, in the eyes of readers, who can say which one is correct? No, it is necessary to accommodate the other party's point of view to gain a more thorough understanding of the other's comedy.

Look at the problem from a different angle, and your life will be more exciting. In life, when there is a conflict with your classmates. You can think from another standpoint. And stand in the perspective of others.

When encountering setbacks, think about it from another angle. And use delays as motivation. Negatives can turn into hopes. Thinking from another perspective. We will find that life is fascinating.


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