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Nero Roman Emperor: His sex life extremely ruthless

Nero Roman Emperor
Nero Roman Emperor

Nero Roman Emperor: Nero accomplishments

Nero Roman emperor: history is filled with people taking life to the extreme. 2,000 years ago the ancient Romans forged an over-the-top Empire massive public works illumined arenas for gladiator fights. And conquests that covered a compact in terms of sexual extremes. It's tough to top the ancient Roman emperor's generations of inbreeding mixed with unbridled power led them to commit some pretty crazy acts and nobody did it like Nero

There is Nero quite possibly the most outrageous ruler in the history of the Empire. He learns badly as emperor one or one from his dear mom Agripina. He's brought up in this extremely closed claustrophobic sort of venomous court environment. People are extremely ruthless bumping each other off left right and center,

Nero Claudius: when was Nero born

And his mother is wonderful at that Agripina was an extraordinary figure. She was an expert at politics and City things. So that her son Nero could become emperor. She had married Emperor Claudius. And succeeded in getting Nero adopted formally by Claudius. So he became his heir and then she dispatched him with a poison mushroom

Interesting facts about Nero: why did Nero kill his mother

Year 54 Ad Nero become emperor at the age of 17. It's not a small job at the time the Empire covers all lands throughout the Mediterranean region. And reaches as far north as Britain now in control Nero no longer needs his mom. So he does what most Emperor's would do in the situation. He decides to kill his mother, so he has her executed. He had no scruples about killing. People very early in his rule there are signs that he's a bit of a monster.

Nero spouse

As time went on like all the Emperor's, he seemed to get more and more far out. He was in love with a woman and one day, that woman died. He went into this terrible depression in grief he met at a young Greek boy Spoorest. Who resembles her, Nero becomes obsessed with the first sports. The story is about traveling around Rome.

The parade games also influenced his wife. It worked due to the involvement in sexual acts such as strange necrophilia were actually. It was a little bit when there was a lot. People thought he was fine. He's getting a little out of control here.

Nero facts: Nero personality

Many people from Rome will get different from what should be, which was being managed efficiently. Running the economy for one person Hard work Extraordinary manager. If you are running, mistreats a closed boyfriend completely different from it. And then things start falling apart, This is completely uncontrolled power

Uncontrolled power and ability to govern. He soon put it to the test. So this huge fire started in 64 AD two-thirds of the city's wiped out. Later generations that have this myth that Nero was there filing while Rome burns. It was initially there as 40 miles away in a villa on the coast.

While Nero didn't watch Rome burn, he was there to reconstruct it in extreme ways only he could imagine. He takes advantage of the distraction of Rome to start this huge rebuilding program. Some of that is incredibly self-indulgent, unfortunately.

Nero hobbies

Nero rebuilds Rome as his pleasure land on the taxpayer's dime. So he decides to build this enormous palace, the golden house the Domus Aurea. And it takes up this vast area that's a third of the city. The Xu's are the swimming pools in this courtyard. He had a great dining room built that was a rotating one.

That slowly moves around using four giant balls. And hydraulics reflecting the motion of the stars and the ceiling would open. And perfume and flowers would fall on people who fit into this sort of fantasy world that he's increasingly entering. It would probably be the room where he staged his proudest orgies. The roman emperors seem to have unbridled appetites.

Nero, of course, was not a man who did things by halves. And so when he had a party, he had a real party. He had these week-long who knows the parties and the guests couldn't leave because the doors would be locked. The purpose of her desk was an invitation.

You know a mixed joy because It's incredible the first time he leaves Fantastic. Still, it's incredibly stressful because you never knew. What was going to be anything could happen. If he decides he can do whatever he wants. He wants to have sex with your wife in the bathroom. You know but couldn't do anything.

Nero death: How did Nero die

One of the things that has come down to us is the business about his putting on animal skins. And having people tied up to steaks. Then he would attack their private parts. And people now think this was like this was bondage, you know it's like a bondage

The game he wasn't going to kill them. But isn't there this group of people called the furies that put on these costumes. They do all these wild things with each other that's really what he was doing.
Nero's salad days would soon come to an end. As time goes on. The economy started to flounder.

And with fire and this extraordinary sort of bizarre self-indulgent Public Works that you know the golden house. He starts to lose popularity very rapidly the sentence begins to turn against him
Before long he becomes a hunted man. So the Senate voted him an enemy of the Roman state. That was an automatic death penalty, and it was the death penalty in the old

Roman way and when newer asked what that was he said well they strip you naked. And they put your head in stock and then they beat you to death. And he thought oh dear he flees and runs off with his right-hand man.

It tracked him down. He heard the sound of the approaching horses. He tries to commit suicide he can't do it himself. So he gives the knife to his right-hand man. And begs him to dispatch him which the right-hand man doesn't mind. It might be probably nearer for so many years. His end was not as glorious and theatrical as he would have wished probably.

Nero was probably the consummate wedding between desire and power in history. If you've got someone like you to know the Roman emperors. Who have absolutely no restriction of their sexual impulses then the sky's the limit. It just keeps getting more and more extreme. It's incredible before they would get upset if they hadn't existed it will be almost impossible to believe some of these things.

Nero Roman emperor: Conclusion

Nero blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome to punish them. He burnt them at stake in his garden referring to them as human torches in addition to his mother. And murdered two of his wives. He threw orgies that lasted for days with the doors chained shut. So guests couldn't leave as Nero learned the hard way even a Roman Emperor has his limits.


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