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RPA: Robotic AI going to grab the job of workers


RPA: Robotic Process Automation

RPA: Foreign media reported that Amazon developed an AI system that can track the efficiency of each warehouse employee. Automatically generate reports. And can dismiss employees without the consent of a human supervisor. AI supervisors fired more than 900 employees at Amazon for "too inefficient."

With the penetration of AI into various industries. More and more employees need to compete with AI for job opportunities and even follow the instructions of AI supervisors.
Recently, a wave of automatic office robots has emerged in the office field. Office robots can replace human white-collar workers to complete some tasks that need to be performed on computers. This new trend has also attracted frequent attention from the capital.

RPA as intelligent

RPA is the English abbreviation of Robotic Process Automation. And the Chinese name is Robotic Process Automation.
We can think of RPA as intelligent office software. Or we can think of it as a robot that can work automatically. The rules are designed for RPA in advance. It can simulate human operations on computers. And is especially good at clicking, copying, pasting, typing, and other office content with fixed rules and high reproducibility.

The concept of RPA is not new. The "macro" function in Word documents and EXCEL forms, by defining a standard universal template in advance. when a specific job is repeated, the "macro" is used to execute it automatically. This kind of typically embedded automation library. Software replaces people to complete repeated computer operations. It can regard as the predecessor of RPA.

In 2001, Orson Technology launched a software called "Key Wizard". This keyboard and mouse simulation software runs after making a script. As long as it can be done with both hands in front of the computer. The critical wizard can replace. Although the software wizard can complete the automatic operations of sending and receiving emails, document retrieval, conversion of data between forms, the article layout, etc. The most commonly used scenes by users are in the online game leveling-automatic mobs, automatic blood supplements, and electronic buffs Wait.

There was an AI boom

At this time, Robotic Process Automation has developed relatively maturely and can operate across software and multithreading. But the scope of application is still minimal.
Two years ago, there was an AI boom. But then it was discovered that AI technology still has a number of Long Way to go. Before it could be commercialized. The AI ​​bubbles that have accumulated in the past are now being pierced one by one.

However, AI has brought new vitality to RPA. With the help of AI technology, the commercial scope of RPA has rapidly expanded. And more than 70% of the business processes of enterprises can be automated.

AI-capable RPA can efficiently complete text recognition, speech understanding, and other operations. Combined with a set automation process, the results can be integrated into the process.
Take an example of a financial RPA robot entering a credit financial report. The RPA automatically imports the scanned image of the paper financial report. Identifies the text content in the picture, corrects the errors according to the nature of each data, proofreads the project, and checks whether the statement is balanced. Real-time export data is automatically entered into the credit system.

Many RPA manufacturers claim

At present, many RPA manufacturers claim that they have achieved a "zero error rate" in obtaining and filling information.

On July 11, 2019, the technology industry consulting agency Gartner released the "Research Report on the Magic Quadrant of Robotic Process Automation 2019". Gartner releases the Magic Quadrant of various industries in the IT industry every year. Still, for the global RPA industry. This is the second The first Magic Quadrant report of the industry in more than ten years. This shows that the RPA industry has begun to enter a high-speed development stage gradually. And It has recognized and concerned by the scientific and technological community

RPA international suppliers

Among the RPA international suppliers, the unicorn companies Automation Anywhere, Unipath, and listed companies Blueprism are the industry leaders. In the domestic market, Laiya Technology (merged with Orson Technology), Yishai Banner, Jin Zhiwei, Alibaba Cloud, etc. are at the forefront.

Starting in the second half of last year, domestic RPA vendors' financing activities have been frequent. And many companies have so far raised two rounds of financing. According to research data from HFS Research, the size of China's RPA market is 244 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to increase to 445 billion USD in 2022.

At present, banking, insurance, telecommunications companies, and public utilities. These are the leading industries implements domestic RPAs. Such large and medium-sized enterprises have their original systems and have been running for a long time. On the one hand. The old systems hold vast amounts of data. They also support daily business operations. Any adjustment to the system requires a lot of time and financial resources. RPA provides a compromise solution to automate business processes and data integration without changing existing systems.

China tends to choose domestic RPA vendors.

At present, Due to localization and data security considerations. Most significant and medium-sized enterprises in China tend to choose domestic RPA vendors. And the software performance is not much different. And more and more companies put the embedded RPA system on the list, and even some bank headquarters compete with each other to build the RPA system ahead of competitors. Which has caused the outbreak of the domestic RPA market?

The technology of UiPath, a leading company in the global RPA market, is already quite mature. Users will want the robots to complete the operations and record the screen on the computer. Unipath can follow it and form an automated office workflow.

Perhaps shortly. We will see dozens of bright computer screens in the office. Keyboards and mice operate quickly. But there is no magic scene in front of the office computers.


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