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Skincareaddiction: Many people have an absolute misunderstanding about skincare: and they believe that the skin will become better and better with proper skincare products. Admittedly, skincare products are essential, but a person's skin condition requires not only skincare products but also good habits in life. Although the epidemic has prevented us from going out, we cannot stop our home from becoming beautiful.

As the muscle age increases, our skin is becoming more fragile. Therefore, we must form the habit of correct skincare tips and stick to every day in our lives to keep the skin getting better and better—these trivial matters The little skincare knowledge is often easily ignored. Let's see if you have missed it?

Daily Skin Care Tips-About Sun Protection

1- Umbrellas sun protection clothing can not be less

The sun in summer is enormous, and the ultraviolet rays will not only tan our skin but also cause sunburn. And sunscreen alone can't do everything, and more of it depends on sunscreen clothing and parasols for protection.

2- Eat less food containing light-sensitive substances

Photosensitive food refers to the physical objects that are likely to cause solar dermatitis, such as pineapple, coriander, celery, etc. Of course, it is not a problem to eat appropriately, but don't eat it in large quantities. After all, anything is too much.

3- Throughout the year should wear sunscreen

Many girls are easy to be lazy. Whenever it is cloudy or cold, they do not pay attention to the use of sunscreen. But the little fairies must remember that if you want to develop healthy and fair skin, you need to apply sunscreen all year round, and the sunscreen needs to form a film before it can work. Could you not take it too much trouble? It is best to go out before 20- Apply 30 minutes ago. Daily 

Skin Care Tips-About Skin Care

1- Eye Care of importance

Many little fairies feel young and do not need an eye cream, but often neglect the care of the eye skin. Once you are over 20 years old, girls need to pay attention to protecting the eye area. If there are dark circles and fine lines, you must start using eye cream and eye masks and other products earlier. You must know that a pair of 20-year-old eyes and 30-year-old started to care. Your eye condition must be different.

2- Neck care of the importance

In addition to the eyes, the neck is also an easy-to-expose area. Frequently looking down at the phone and sleeping incorrectly will cause the formation of neck wrinkles. The neck is the closest to the face, but it is also the easiest to ignore. In terms of daily care, you can buy a special neck cream if you have the ability. If there are no significant problems, remember to moisturize the neck when using skincare products.

3- Clean up makeup tools in time

Knocking on the blackboard, this little knowledge of skincare is that many people always ignore or are lazy. After we makeup, powder puffs, makeup brushes, or makeup eggs will leave cosmetics and a large number of bacteria. If not cleaned in time, more bacteria will be generated. Using such dirty makeup tools will increase the risk of skin acne and even allergies. So, at least every 1-2 weeks, clean the makeup tools to avoid secondary pollution.

Daily Skin Care Tips-About Diet

1- Quit sugar

Diet has always been the most overlooked element in skincare. Among them, quitting sugar is something that many people don't pay attention to. Sugar is the factor that most easily promotes the growth of acne. Dermatologists will never forget to tell you. Good skin, eat less sugar.

2- Balanced diet

Usually, pay attention to a balanced diet, not picky eaters, all kinds of nutrition must be comprehensive, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains, which can improve the body and skin's resistance to the outside world. reference r/skincareaddiction

3- Vitamin C supplementation

As we all know, VC is a vital ingredient for whitening the skin. In addition to ingesting VC by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day, you can also choose some health products to help the skin resist oxidation and become whiter and tenderer. reference skincareaddiction

Daily Skin Care Tips-About Life

1- Drink plenty of water

Although drinking plenty of water is a cliché, how many people can always insist on "eight glasses of water a day"? If you want your skin to be smooth and hydrated, you must not only rely on skincare products to replenish your skin, but also drink plenty of water from the inside. reference skincareaddiction 

2- sleep beauty sleep

Sleep can be said to be the lowest-cost skincare method, and it works well. Only adequate and high-quality sleep can help eliminate fatigue and promote the dual health of the body and skin. reference skincareaddiction

3- Change the pillowcase

This is often ignored as a little skincare knowledge. Every night, the face will be in prolonged contact with the pillowcase. Sometimes acne on the face is directly related to this. If you do not change the pillowcase, the bacteria, mites, etc. Dirt is the cause of acne.

At first glance, everyone knows these skincare tips, but it is still challenging to persist and do it for a long time. After all, everything is expensive. To produce healthy and perfect skin, these simple routines are effortless to ignore. Skincare tips must be done! reference skincareaddiction


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