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what do lions eat: king of the jungle-lions habitat

what do lions eat
what do lions eat

what do lions eat: the king of the jungle

what do sea lions eat: The essential pursuit of any creature is to breed offspring, and some are willing to pay their own lives for the family. The most typical are some insects, such as mantis spiders. These creatures have the same

the phenomenon of sexual food and scientific research on this behavior Will be more conducive to the survival rate of their offspring. With the evolution and development of earth creatures, there is a sexual reproduction method,

which is more favorable to the development and growth of a species, because such a reproduction method is conducive to high-frequency communication of genes. Unlike the evolution of asexual reproduction, it can only be accomplished by genetic mutation with extremely low probability.

Facts about lions

In the continuous evolution, various creatures make sexual choices, like a member of the cat family, the horse island raccoon. They have super long staying power, and each shy time can last 8 hours. And Australian small-footed wide-footed pupae, they can be happy to death. The longest mating time can last 14 hours. After the mating period each year, half of the male wide-footed pupae are so glad to ascend to the sky.

The contrast is that the top predator African lion on the African savannah looks very powerful in watching them. Any animal on the African savannah can be its prey, but it loses in the endurance. A wide-footed puppet was given this small animal. Of course, if the lions heard me say this, they must be despised, and time has never been a critical issue. But it is undeniable that since time is not enough, to ensure the birth rate of offspring, it is made up of frequency.

Asiatic lion: female lion

In a group of lions, there are usually 1-2 male lions and 5-7 female lions. The task of a female lion is to raise offspring and hunt, while a male lion must inspect the territory and protect its lions. The breeding process of a lion is a physical task. The lioness will come to find a male lion as soon as the estrous period is reached. They will spend a happy four days together.
Although they last for more than half a minute at a time, they are performed every day. About 20-40 times, see where you feel the power of the lion!

African male lions gain mating rights not by size nor endurance, but by the muscular physique and superb fighting power. African male lions will experience two wanderings in their lives. When they grow up to about two years old, they will be driven out of the lions by their "father king". At this time, they can only wonder and hunt alone to feed themselves. But as a social animal, hunting alone is also possible, but the success rate must be meager, so at this time they will go to other temporary teams of the male group.

what do sea lions eat: How much do lions weigh

Until one day they feel that they are strong enough, at this time they will choose other Lion Kings to challenge, and if they win, they will inherit the "throne", and if they lose, they will run away and wait for the next opportunity. As long as you successfully become a lion king, this means that you have won the right to mate. Therefore, in a sense, lion advocates force.

There is a similar classic example among primates. They belong to the most energetic individuals in the cardinal, especially those male individuals, will grow silver-white hair on their backs as adults, so they are also called silver-backed gorillas. They are the closest animals to humans except for two chimpanzees. It is mainly distributed in some countries in Africa. It can reach a height of about 2 meters and weigh close to 130 kilograms in adulthood.

Although gorillas are the largest primates, their Tintin is only 4cm, isn't it puzzling? It is also related to their living habits. Gorillas are also social animals, with members ranging from 2-37. Adult silver-backed gorillas are the leaders. Therefore, they have absolute mating rights. The more powerful you don't care about size.
The gorilla and the lion can be said to be a tough brother and a tough brother. There is no need to explain the sturdy life.


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